from King Of Enigma by Sybyr



Now we sad now
Put ya head down
Take a lil med now
Jumping cross the town
Never the same now
Seem I let ya down
Pick the shit right up
Double down now
Disagree agree
I need space please
I'm exhausting
Tu the fucking T
Take the shit from me
Like a melody
Hammering the keys
Writing remedies
Make a A tu Z
World don't really need it
I don't say my piece
Mutter in the speech
Tryna keep the peace
I Shuuld quit avoiding these
Hot button shit
Ya Always want a hot drink
Like a hot take
Make or fucking break
Give me a fuckin break
Tryna get made today
Always something else
Adding on the pain
Focus on the ethic
Why we weeping in the rain

They don't wanna get it now they weeping
Get outta of my circle with that weeping


from King Of Enigma, released September 1, 2019
Produced by Landfill


all rights reserved




i make Indie Rap. 😂

Anti-World (@antiworldglobe all social networks)

🌐❌🌎 = Anti-World

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