Steppin On Toes

from CHARLEYHORSE by Sybyr



Running in circles just like a Hamster be
Young, entrepreneur shout tu Master P
Lost my mind before crafting a masterpiece
Bitches still bugging me, they want the younger me
Make what I want motherfucker stop sucking me
Bash a fool head open fucking with concrete
Energy levels decreasing, yuu tripping g
Shoutout tu cuzzo we makin a legacy
Indica got me real lazy
Sativa don't du that, I end up with Ocd
Need everything tu come through like a summer breeze
Rubles, pesos some euros n dollar trees
Smoke by the quart, I never get bored
Only the money talk, stop sending Q&A
This ain't a interview, yuu busy aggravate
Talk tu yuur fellas, n girls who be duckface
200 all in a day, quadruple it
600 all in a day, yuu can't step with it
I'm on a level so off yuu can't number it
Fuck going broke, get a check n I'm hiding it
Put it tu use, like a flip, multiply it
Why the small chit chat? Everyday we dying
Rather go tu work, don't care if I'm frying
Building more catalog, yuu know I ain't lying
Stepping on toes, friends turn tu foes
Yuu already know, how the shit go
One day I'm vibing, next day nope
Yuu already know, how the shit go


from CHARLEYHORSE, released January 31, 2020
Track Produced by Kiddbeatz


all rights reserved




i make Indie Rap. 😂

Anti-World (@antiworldglobe all social networks)

🌐❌🌎 = Anti-World

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