Only Way

from CHARLEYHORSE by Sybyr



Imma go ahead kick rocks,
Only way I can get focused,
Hydro with the antipsychs
Might go ahead double dosing
These ain't strong enough damage
Really how much you can manage?
Fuck around for the cool points
This ain't real, its sadness
Already heard yuu savage
I can disappear like magic
Turn off the phone, keep at it
Fake an episode fake madness
Cut up, chicken like lettuce
Heard yuu really guud at embellishing
Have her write a novel
Storytelling powers
I be on the highest floor of buildings I might fly
Straight into the ground, eternal guudnight
Might be above the earth,
Or deep under the earth
Either way it goes, I don’t need tu merge


from CHARLEYHORSE, released January 31, 2020
Track Produced by Shark & Bruhmanegod


all rights reserved




i make Indie Rap. 😂

Anti-World (@antiworldglobe all social networks)

🌐❌🌎 = Anti-World

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