from King Of Enigma by Sybyr



Aint nothing to try n fix,
If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it
Brains' all scrambled
Fuckin jammed, E

Put yourself in a corner
In a loop of purgatory
Why you waiting n twitching in place?
I don't get the shit at all
Brain always feels drainage
I can't even contain all this anguish
Fuck all these things about dumb shit
I was too focused-tunnel vision
Yeah, shit is gonna cause lots of friction
Fall back, it's my life gotta do what I do
See a brand new view of shit
Computer shit
Programming 1s & 0s like it's everyday
It ain't even that motherfucking complicated
I just had to make a way,
Out of no way
Came from the suburb-but not that way
Ain't no fuckin big house back in the day
Unless it's where the Uncle used to say
Rest in peace Uncle Charles
I know we've been wild
..Barely knew the guy
Shit, I can't even fuckin fix
[my]Self, on some damn lit cigarette
(Ain't nothing to try n fix,
If it ain't broke don't try to fix it)
I cannot see myself doing that
What it is, what it is we taking back shit
I done wasted your time, & that's not okay (No, No)
Wasted your time, & that's not okay
On my soul, that shit too evil


from King Of Enigma, released September 1, 2019
Produced by Shark


all rights reserved




i make Indie Rap. 😂

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