Deep Blue

from CHARLEYHORSE by Sybyr



Deep blue like water
Iceberg don't bother
Only aim for the slaughter
Blurred out like sorrow
Put it off till tomorrow
Scenerios, less dreaming
Conjure up more screaming
Paranoia got me tearing
Not enough psychs, but I still need the sleep
I cuuld cry it out, it's a weight on me
I don't wanna speak, feeling like a PC
Glitching like it's habit, got the better of me
Throw a curveball at em, I can't let em snippet
,Got em all waiting, see a drop n watch em pivot
Not gon lie sometimes I'm sick of shit it's draining put the shackle down
Got ya hand out, don't get dollars, just get tackled down


from CHARLEYHORSE, released January 31, 2020
Track Produced by Landfill


all rights reserved




i make Indie Rap. 😂

Anti-World (@antiworldglobe all social networks)

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