Darker Than Lit

by Sybyr

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Sound ungrate, nough speaking for the schizo
Barely got the speech together verbal on a limbo
Going through the tide, plateau on a raft vibe
Plume clouds in the distance, like a storm ride
Pour a little wine in a glass, while its high time
Talking sunrise, not drinking in the midnight
Hating being off, leftfield got its downside
Marinating in it, 20/20 vision hindsight
Nigga wouldn't dribble rather hum a lot n throw chairs
Took a lot of voices in of what I'm off bout
Now he double talking echo talking what he talking bout
Double back a lot, here Bro, take a chill now
Need to fuckin write this shit, I'm in a brain lock
Sitting in a room on hold, get ya bag blocked
Buddy ol pal this cycle ever vicious
Need to drink water, ice teas with hibiscus
Making all this art, knock hard when it's show time
Gotta step it harder, keep it going while it's prime time
Some fans hate-they ain't fans let em joke though
Keep it pretty simple, young legend still want more
Got to a nice point, that means work more
Settle if yuu Want, suffer later in the payload
Not playing games anymore, not a pun though
Take a smooth break when the year's getting paid for
I don't talk much less yuu need a lot of info
Crabs in a bucket everywhere that ya go though
Free shit free shit
Till ya don't need shit
I'm bout a episode away from pissing it
Fuck all them uppers chillin wit my sedatives
Sneaky plotters sprinkle shit inna swisher
This what they want?
Chuckle n snicker
I'm darker than others
They want my position

Darker Than Lit
Yall on my dick
Thought I was Messy forever like shit
Darker Than Lit
They on my dick
Know that this crank
They Throwing a fit


released October 30, 2019
Track Produced by Agondrayy


all rights reserved




i make Indie Rap. 😂

Anti-World (@antiworldglobe all social networks)

🌐❌🌎 = Anti-World

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