from King Of Enigma by Sybyr



Moving slower imma need me a boost
Anti-World busy being a nuisance
Don't give a fuck what ya old dude doing
Busy with the business make em go Oowee
Stacking up everything like it's a debt
Got me luuking silly like a cadet
Representation of modern suburbia
People pleasing till they no longer heard of ya
Fuck all that noise rather be in my old shit
All in my bag, I ain't buying more dumb shit
Throw the shit out like it's trash day
Roaches all over the crib as a freshman
Fuck doing work rather make me a banger
Wrote so much shit on the side with the anger
Cuuldnt imagine these plays on the worst days
Now I just hand over leverage like "okay"
I cuuld give less of a fuck if Im canceled
Get me fucked up yuu gon flick like a candle
Nowadays hold yuur career like a ransom
Shuuldve kept swinging like a barred out dancer
Talk about rage, yuu ain't even seen a quarter
Waiting till yuu fuck up, zoom tu the border
Wasting time taking these orders
Suck outta me my mental disorder

A, A, E, Aye Aye Aye Aye

Drinking vanilla Fanta bitch
I don't need the lean for shit
Just take the dick, just take the dick
My pants not green but its makin em sick

A, A, E, Aye Aye Aye Aye


from King Of Enigma, released September 1, 2019
Produced by Landfill


all rights reserved




i make Indie Rap. 😂

Anti-World (@antiworldglobe all social networks)

🌐❌🌎 = Anti-World

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