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GradeABass seriously underrated project Favorite track: Veins..
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kendragon It ain't out yet but I been listening to this album for over 2 weeks now, and I can confidently say that it's a pretty good album. Lots of snippets were worth waiting for and we finally got songs that were supposed to be on King of Enigma. Favorite track: Veins..
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FYM 01:56
Tuu much feeling beside yuurself Time move slower in that case Put a big pause w top shelf Moving like a sloth, a nutcase Fuck yuu mean I'm tweak E, got a little quiet I see Been known they ain't fuckin w me Fuck yuu mean I tweak Never thought I'm slowing Hit the bath then get the bag in Spinning every 24, I'm noticing I'm lagging Wake with no alarms, I'm an earlybird of passion Point in the direction where the shit must get tu action Life be throwing curveballs Slow a nigga down Got momentum dried up it's talk among the clowns E, Yeah I'm in my lane Know these niggas see the same Know these women love the face Other weirdos want my place Tuu much feeling beside yuurself Time move slower in that case Put a big pause w top shelf Moving like a sloth, a nutcase Fuck yuu mean I'm tweak E, got a little quiet I see Been known they ain't fuckin w me Fuck yuu mean I tweak
HotHeaded 02:17
So hot headed, so hot headed Throw a bucket full of boiled water Splash it on yuur top (of yuur head) This that glass a nigga shit Not for jamming, not for "pop" Fuck that calm Fuck the talk Lights off, just bop Oh that's cool, but it's not What the fuck else ya got? Anything else to add? Same old same old trash Played out played out Let the gate open Don't care if it flood out Came back again Cause I knew I'm abandoning shit That I knew when I stepped out Not really coolin Really just boofing Getting real goofy, n I hate it That's just Sy, on a whim Walk on out, come back in Transparent, like a glass This the times we're living in Smashing half-assed Wake up let the day pass Bitch I'm jaded fuck yall pay me Is the mood I'm feeling lately Niggas want the recipe For shit they busy duplicating Want some fucking music? This ain't it bitch Stop that salivating Save it for my tip
White Noise 01:38
Can't kill my vibe it just turn tu white noise or them trumpets that Charlie keep hearing Get the fuck out the radius then, I'm just like why they play with me then I was going tuu light with these hold up Irreversible damage so pour up I know better sometimes gotta roll up I'm right up tu my neck lift my soul up /'Patch up my issues like jeans Money menthol like colors of green King of Enigma, obscene Rock that coal on my lips fuck ya mean Can't du cheap with these verses Fuck what yuu heard I want emails no dm or 'pm Im leading tu greatness, yuu whining tu be in Can't fuckin wait for the right time put the work in No lie I'm still hurting Yet behind the curtain these functions I'm running I told em I'm running a business So gimme ya email, don't need it for ads Let me keep buying more till more people get mad Give a fuck bout ya feelings, I'm broke n I laugh Once the bag come around now yuu know where I spend He to dumb tu come copy this shit yeah I betty Yuu tuu scared of yuur money till it's time for addies Fuck the world it's survival like jungles n valleys Got baddies for sure n they know that I'm batty Stop being a bratty, I beat it like patties Shibur with the force like fuckin fuckin gravity Shatter like glass in this sea of this fuckery people presenting it's real live a travesty Not even mad I'm beyond it like majesty Really not slowing though fucker stay mad at me
Start It Off 00:59
Shit be like when I'm flying Yuu can fill a fuckin room with these clouds I'll tell yuu what I like stay in cause I work from the house I'm not about to lose my focus I can't slow down a lot I take my breaks, when I'm sleeping, n it all ends when I wake up Yeah I get where yuu coming from, I had tu du it all Weren't no times tu play games n no job just tu start it off I had no plugs, went browsing the forums n All YouTube methods, buying referrals, writing blogs, n the whole 9 yards Surveys taking long oh my God Clixsense, neobux, n them fake ass clones Tryna trick YouTube, didn't last long Hitleap, with the cheap traffic joint These are not scams, penny-making forums Just tu make money for beat stores dog Banner ads on the Soundclick charts 6 years later, raps taking off They ain't lying this a damn marathon So many eras but yall just catching on Earning from the internet a decade long
Slingshot 01:22
These little checks, they aint gonna cut it Underrated cause i barely market Target practice & I'm having fits Want us to win but I barely see it Either you in or you out of range I dont mind doing my own thing Had a setback imma slingshot Dont believe me rather see you watch Fuck a frenemy you competition Rather see nothing but proposition Revving up like an ignition Its bout to get cold better get some mittens Eating some grits imma power up Deal With It now i dont give a fuck Everybody crying bout a fucking change Thats life-gotta handle pain Feel like power running thru the vain Gotham city call that nigga Bane Terrorize the city in its' veins Paint a picture now its not the same Gotta work hard for another 2 Seem the like effort just fell thru Busy askin "how the fuck are you"? Not "not" stressed, but im not as cool
Only Way 01:54
Imma go ahead kick rocks, Only way I can get focused, Hydro with the antipsychs Might go ahead double dosing These ain't strong enough damage Really how much you can manage? Fuck around for the cool points This ain't real, its sadness Already heard yuu savage I can disappear like magic Turn off the phone, keep at it Fake an episode fake madness Cut up, chicken like lettuce Heard yuu really guud at embellishing Have her write a novel Storytelling powers I be on the highest floor of buildings I might fly Straight into the ground, eternal guudnight Might be above the earth, Or deep under the earth Either way it goes, I don’t need tu merge
Only gonna be, more regret if I let yuu choose for me I get comfortable in silence agree to disagree I'm just over it, I know it come with hardship Not a stretch, this just merely my analysis Overthinking shit don't work for me I'm product of it If you on games, I'm That button called the off switch Back to the grind, that means I'm careful with my time You Tryna hit me with that, well try again one more time I hear what you mean, I burnt out that part out my mind If I take a loss, that's OK, I'll be fine Wipe my tears, get back at it, still gon shine They build yuu up, tear yuu down like yuu a whole crime What the fuck though? I got choices What I'm gonna choose today for sure I feel yuu know, no? Not feeling this merry go Might feel better, might feel the same For real don't care if I know
Deep Blue 03:39
Deep blue like water Iceberg don't bother Only aim for the slaughter Blurred out like sorrow Put it off till tomorrow Scenerios, less dreaming Conjure up more screaming Paranoia got me tearing Not enough psychs, but I still need the sleep I cuuld cry it out, it's a weight on me I don't wanna speak, feeling like a PC Glitching like it's habit, got the better of me Throw a curveball at em, I can't let em snippet ,Got em all waiting, see a drop n watch em pivot Not gon lie sometimes I'm sick of shit it's draining put the shackle down Got ya hand out, don't get dollars, just get tackled down
Veins. 02:07
End up being tuu insane, & tuu broke for the pain Still coming up, still growing with the flame Need tu stop playing, I can feel it through my veins Imma swerve this fucking car if I keep going down this lane I was heading there before, i can du it all again It just took a long minute, see how shit change Need tu stop playing, I can feel it through my veins Imma swerve this fucking car if I keep going down this lane Yuu cuuld Sit down, watch, fucking cry about it, Or go handle shit This world don't owe me nothing I just made a world of noise Nothing wrong with R&R But too much, yuu lose yuur poise I ain't justifying nothing Made a choice with double-swords Bitch yall playing with my time & my grind, & my mind Yet I wonder, but I know, why ambition on decline Who the fuck I'm tryna save? In a roll full of dimes All these hours I be putting in, no I'm not fine Eating off the fucking quote Unquote, golden era tunes What is "Anti"? Scrap this shit, right over the dunes Gone mad? Is this mad enough? This shit stacking up? Fuck yall luuking at me for? My lips ain't black enough? "Yeah, come n get the jokes off I ain't joking back, n that's tuu facts. Fuck getting advice on how tu run shit Here's some dog food: sit n eat bitch I want more of this shit, no it's not enough Tokk 1 month off, then I fucked it up Took 3 months off, I know I fucked up Said they coolin for the year, I'm not gon follow up
Running in circles just like a Hamster be Young, entrepreneur shout tu Master P Lost my mind before crafting a masterpiece Bitches still bugging me, they want the younger me Make what I want motherfucker stop sucking me Bash a fool head open fucking with concrete Energy levels decreasing, yuu tripping g Shoutout tu cuzzo we makin a legacy Indica got me real lazy Sativa don't du that, I end up with Ocd Need everything tu come through like a summer breeze Rubles, pesos some euros n dollar trees Smoke by the quart, I never get bored Only the money talk, stop sending Q&A This ain't a interview, yuu busy aggravate Talk tu yuur fellas, n girls who be duckface 200 all in a day, quadruple it 600 all in a day, yuu can't step with it I'm on a level so off yuu can't number it Fuck going broke, get a check n I'm hiding it Put it tu use, like a flip, multiply it Why the small chit chat? Everyday we dying Rather go tu work, don't care if I'm frying Building more catalog, yuu know I ain't lying Stepping on toes, friends turn tu foes Yuu already know, how the shit go One day I'm vibing, next day nope Yuu already know, how the shit go
Maxed Out 02:08
What's with this complaining It really ain't complicated I'm maxed out, like brainless Tryna not tu act so heinous Yuu want this, I want that It's okay we don't match Fuck all that keeping 100 Cause 60 just make em spaz Conjure up a fucked up scenario Crumble like a goddamn oreo I'm over it, let's go Say less, make more Middle of the month now we all broke, Not going insane like the year before Pedal tu the metal on these hoz & I ain't gonna lose self-control Puppy niggas on a leash Hit me up only business capeesh? I'm disturbing yuur zone? then peace All my beats in the store are for lease Not this one, it's just Shark on the beat Anti-World tuu damn broken tu me Yet Still rockin these shows in the heat From PG but I don't beat my feet Now I'm Shibur, slowing it down S y b y r in town Side eyes everywhere like wow I built a following holding it down What they mad for, if they got the bars Floodlights out when the power go off Not drinking brown, it gimme a frown It used tu be bad being talk of the town
Not Today 02:08
Big up on Saturday Yuu can't win, not today So much dirty in my face Watching so much dirty shit, can't remember ya face, nah Broken like cheap watch, Rarely drank scotch I don't trust a lotta dudes Shoulder leaning bops Cut my losses, everything If that mean losing yuu Take an L, tu the face Getting Ws in a few
Damn near 1000 unread messages Smoking big dust clouds like the damn president Not a stereotype like the current rappers is I'm tryna make a portfolio, fuck the prejudice Yuu got big chains? Let me sell em, buy some ranches Yuu a rebel till yuu get backup withholding Wear mad counterfeit, like a statement Play money in the palm, yuu shuuld bank it Tuu comfortable with everything tanking There's a lot going on so I pause shit Adam Sandler, click of a button The fuck out of my face with the nonsense Better get a move on, get it poppin Cause the world don't give a fuck or care about yuu stopping It's getting dark work overtime like there's no option Fuck the credit I'll take it, yuu go & bounce then


released January 31, 2020


all rights reserved




i make Indie Rap. 😂

Anti-World (@antiworldglobe all social networks)

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